#will do most anything for bacon

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On Saturdays, we go to the races and cheer for the ponies, whilst wearing onesies.

(Thankyou Sally for the lend - I may never give it back)

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Thursday. 9/30

+ I slept so well again!

+ I went for a walk with my sister Jordan. It was glorious. Hi Jordan!

+ Dem steps.

+That is the face of a nurse who:
1. has done 6x12hour nightshifts in 9 days;
2. has increased her vegetable intake so significantly in the past week that I have violently destroyed every toilet I’ve been too. (Well done bowels);
3. managed to wash her hair pre nightshift. Unheard of!

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Wonderful Wednesday (Let’s make that a thing)

1. Nightshift. Seriously, it runs my life. I should change my blog to nightshiftnursey. I think at this point in my life it would be more suitable.

2. My car was in one piece when I got back to it at 7:30am despite the crazy crazy storm that stopped the entire of sydney. (I seriously thought there would be a tree through my windscreen)

3. I stopped to buy unnecessary groceries on my way home (I bought three cauliflowers…. Whhhhaaat!!) because I was craving smoked salmon. Mmmm…

4. I had the best post-nightshift sleep of my entire life. Unbroken. And woke up at 3:30pm. Ahhhhmazing

5. I meal prepped for another glorious nightshift

6. I got post. From the man friend. WHAT?! We’ve been seeing each other casually for 6 weeks. Every single time he has a little gift. I can’t even. CANT. EVEN. I’m a little smitten with my new book. He even wrote on the inside of the cover. I am suffering from a serious case of the swoons, or swoonitis if you will.


9. I have discovered the strangest bruise on my thumb.

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Tuesday. Oh Tuesday.

1. My day shift got cancelled which I was 9 kinds of delighted about because I really didn’t sleep. But then they offered me a nightshift, So it’s not all bad. But then again, it’s nightshift. Which is 12 kinds of horrid.

2. I went for a 7km run. It was hard. How I did that 6 times over less than a month ago blows my mind.

3. I made some realising weightloss goals. Mainly bodyfat %, because I am currently sitting at 31.4% and I wish to be less.

4. I danced around my room whilst cleaning and found my bed! Amazing.

5. I had delicious food for nightshift.

6. The storm was so crazy outside that the ICU flooded.

7. My patient told me I was the most ‘beautiful and magnificent and capable young lady’ he had ever met. If he had been 60 years younger I would have given him my number!

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Day 6/30 
Magic Monday

1. Finished nightshift at 7:30. Yes I had only 1 nightshift. Yes it was the worst. Yes I felt like a zombie despite spending most of Sunday day in bed with a raging hangover.

2. Ended up meeting this new man friend of mine for ‘breakfast’ immediately post my shift because I was working at a hospital near his office. He got up early to meet me. It was ridiculous and unplanned. I looked like nightshift (which is NOT pretty Stef, I repeat NOT PRETTY STEF), had no makeup, was in scrubs and I hadn’t washed my hair. Sexy. I was kinda freaking out. And I think I smelt. And I was probably covered in all germs known to man. But he still likes me. So I think we’ve found a winner!

3. A guy collapsed whilst we were having breakfast. I was in my scrubs. People looked at me. I had to help. He simply fainted and hit his head. He was going to be alright. (Please note, this is the second time in 6 weeks that my nursey nursey skills have been utilised outside of the hospital setting. 2 weeks before the marathon i was out running with Sally and I ended up giving CPR to a runner who collapsed. He was blue and not breathing when we got to him He is currently alive with nil deficits. It’s no big deal - I just have healing hands. The ambulance arrived, he remained unconscious, he got admitted to an ICU, and had a stent for a cardiac vessel that was blocked. He was discharged 2 days before my marathon and stood waiting for me at the 40km mark, which is also where we found him collapsed two weeks prior… Emotional + + +. In a random twist, I went to school with his daughter.)

4. My parents have been married for 30 years today. WOOOOOOAHHHH COWBOY!

5. There was a crazy crazy storm and I got saturated in my pathetic attempts to protect my car from potential hail.

6. I cooked dinner for the fambam in a onesie.

7. I slept all day and then I was awake almost all night because of bloody nightshift screwing my sleeping patterns.