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Today I visited a Chiropractor. She took one look at me and said I was definitely not aligned and my pelvis was tilted. So off she sent me for X-rays. If she can fix my constant hip pain then I will be one happy lady.

Please take note of how to look sexy when wearing a patient gown, and then do the opposite of me to achieve desired results.

Also, I washed my hair. And now it is so so clean. This is big for me (#lazy)

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Week 6 : Long Run

Well, that was a super horrible run. Letโ€™s leave it to a massive nutrition fail.

16km of pain fuelled by one completely carbohydrate depleted body running only on eggs, SO MANY COFFEES, half a jar of peanut butter, sugarfree energy drinks and smoked ham and cheddar cheese. Oops.

Letโ€™s just say that I had to run around the local streets in desperate search of a toilet - damn the poo monster.

Then, at the completion of the run from hell, I realised I was 5km from home (THE WORST!) so used my emergency money to buy appropriate fluid replacement and then called mum to pick me up because I was so dead (and it was starting to get cold.)

She brought me a jumper too. Sheโ€™s such a star.

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Today I want to do nothing but relax in bed and wear my ugg boots and NOT RUN 105 minutes.

Today I want to do nothing but relax in bed and wear my ugg boots and NOT RUN 105 minutes.

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Birthday are amazing!

And it was. I decided to do my long run today. It felt good, until the 14km mark when I got hit by a car who ran a stop sign and continued through the pedestrian crossing. The driver then fled the scene WITHOUT STOPPING and I walked 1km home in a total blur.

So my birthday has now been filled with police reports, back pain and a very shocked system.

But there was cake. And it was good. And the hot police officer called me a runner (not a jogger) and I have been showered with well wishes and birthday treats and it could have all ended a lot worse.

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Treats! get in my belly!!

Goodbye 24, Hello 25! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿน๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ”ฎ
(tminus 1hour 23mins!)